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Why Joyce Schwarz & JCOM


Whether you want to turn NYC into Hawaii with a $40M promo

​     or launch a 1st in category product like Capri Sun juice in foil packet

​   or intro a new startup -- Joyce has been there and done that! SHE CAN DO IT FOR YOU TOO! ​


Be the news and

they will NEVER stop talking about YOU! 


MAKE NEWS don't just be in it! ​

Change the world -- disrupt the ordinary  give your clients the extraordinary!  That's what you've gotta do in this day and age.

LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS -- you can customize just for them!  

DO GOOD -- it creates abundance
and prosperity for YOU & THEM! 


Since 1986 -- branding, marketing, public relations and new product and company introductions in Hollywood, SIlicon Valley, Silicon Alley and from NYC to SFO to LAX to CLE to TOKYO TO ISRAEL to New Zealand, to Australia to Singapore to Latin America and Scandinavia - JCOM has led the way
























See just some of the logos ranging from AOL to Philips Electronics to Disney to trade shows like the NAB, TV Academy ATAS, to NATPE to Digital Hollywood and more. Chances are you met Joyce speaking or moderating at one of the conferences or maybe you're read one of her 7 published books or more than 300 articles in trade and business press. 

SEE JOYCE SCHWARZ on LINKED IN AND READ SOME OF THE MORE THAN 50 recommendations. Joyce has a golden rolodex and mailing list of more than 50,000

industry leaders she's met and done business with during the past 25 years!

Follow us at 

Joyce Schwarz and her team work with the top Digital Media leaders and many MAJOR brands Philips, AOL, Disney, eMusic & more.

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