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What we do


​Marketing  & Advertising 

​​With a background in full service online & print & electronic advertising, Joyce Schwarz and her team can create complete marketing and branding new product introductions and launches for your firm and products. 

Our experience spans

such verticals as:

****Telecom  ****High Tech ***Medical

****Banking & Finance ***Fashion 

****Beauty ****Music  ****Entertainment

****Emerging technology & media 

****Education ***Social Media & the Web

     and across platforms ranging from:

Print, Mobile, Online, Social Media, Radio, TV, Newspapers, Campus Media, 

Baby Boomer Promotion, Mature (50+) marketing & more.

 Schwarz background includes top C Level executive advertising planning, production, creative direction & media placement. 


Business Development, Marketing & Career Coaching 1 to 1, or groups

Since 1986, Joyce Schwarz and

her firm:

 led the way in Management Consulting and CEO Coaching working with top executives at corporations and agencies (advertising, marketing & PR) to package, position and coach them to reach their vision and goals.

Coaching Services include: 

​​**Recareering (Career Change & Small business startups

 **Personal Branding 

**VIP Introductions


**Board Positions (formation),

**Personal PR 

**Portfolios including bios, press releases, brand development & more.


To discuss your upcoming campaign or the launch of a new product or start-up


Joyce Schwarz directly at:
 email her at:
Follow @joycecom on twitter.
#top50startupexpert on twitter

Bestselling author and speaker and Media Expert: Joyce Schwarz see partial list of published books available on and bookstores around the globe. 






jOYCE SCHWARZ is the founder of Startup50plus and , the world's first business accelerator where one funder must be over age 50. Follow @startup50plus and like us at 

SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING --when just another job is not enough --by author and coach to the stars Joyce Schwarz is a bestselling book featured in WALL ST.Journal, LA TIMES, MONEY Magazine & more --

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